5 mistakes you Must avoid while starting website !!


Seems pretty obvious really!

But I see it time and time again where a new business owner tries to save a few dollars and attempts to build their own website using a standard site builder.You spend weeks trying to learn the software, the design ends up sub-optimal and a couple of month later you realise you need a new website anyway. Site builders are fine for starting a hobby, not a real business.They are very rigid, unable to be optimised for SEO and are not ideal if you are wanting to grow or scale up at any stage.

Remember, a website is more than just the front end.A professional will align your site with your goals and business’ operations while keeping the aesthetics and end user in mind. This will fast track your results and give you something you can be proud of.

Mistake #2 :

Working on the premise that you have decided to partner with a professional to build your new website, how do you find a good provider?

My personal opinion is that you need to connect with the person you are working with, after all it really is a partnership. Are they responsive to your enquiries? Do they really care about the end result? Make sure they are genuine and honest!

A good measure of a good digital agency is their portfolio. Is there a consistent creative flair across all their work? Do they have genuine testimonials from past clients? The second most important factor is are they able to be in tune with your business operations and how you will use the site. More about this in number 4! Just remember, there are professional & friendly services out there who you can trust and communicate in plain English!


To put it simply a CMS it is a bit of software that allows you to publish, modify or edit content on your website. You can manage text, photos, graphics and videos, all from a secure administrator interface on your web browser. It is nice and simple to maintain the content. You might want to add a blog post or new team member to your website – general day to day maintenance tasks that you don’t want to pay a supplier to do.

Get your choice of CMS right, the first time.

Assuming you only want to pay once to have this website built…

WordPress is hands-down the best option when it comes to choosing a CMS, and I wouldn’t build a website elsewhere.

22% of websites on the internet are built using WordPress, and there is a reason there are hundreds of thousands of web designers who use it as their primary tool of choice.It is highly customisable, so regardless of the size of your business, and whether you just need a few pages or complex systems & processes integrated, WordPress covers all of it, with thousands of integrations available.

And what if you want to build a membership platform, an online course or eCommerce store? No problem!!!

There really isn’t much that WordPress can’t do.


Design is not all about the aesthetics but a problem solving tool that will be used to create streamlined systems that save you time and make life in business easier. Your website should be the centre of all digital   operations, making your customer experience as EASY as possible. Your site should also be optimised for all devices and not just look good, it should function optimally as well. Success will be founded on great systems. No two web strategies are the same but common elements exist. Any good digital strategy takes into account all aspects of your operations, goals and marketing.

Mistake #5 : POOR HOSTING

The server space where everything is stored is referred to as website hosting. Website hosting is like your bit of ‘real estate’ on the internet. It works by storing the files that make up your website on a server that is connected to the internet. When a visitor types your domain name into their browser’s address bar, your server is located, and files are sent back to the browser’s computer.

  • Stay away from the super cheap options!

Like anything in life, you get what you pay for and hosting is no different. An important part of hosting a WordPress website is ensuring that the underlying core software and plugins are always up to date and secure. Due to the fact that WordPress is open source it is easy for hackers to exploit vulnerabilities. It is imperative that maintenance happens regularly otherwise you are leaving your site exposed.

Cheap hosting plans tend to crash often and are notoriously slow.

A good quality host or web designer will ensure that your WordPress is kept up to date and secure as part of their service.


Your website shouldn’t be set and forget.

As mentioned in the last point, the site software needs to be maintained, but you should also have a marketing strategy in place to distribute your brand message and start getting clients.

Remember, this is a marathon race and launching your new site is just the start. A build it and they will come mentality will simply not cut it.

Running a successful business takes consistent, ongoing effort and a well thought out, results focussed strategy! You should be asking your designer if they can provide ongoing support relative to your business goals, marketing and website. Ongoing support usually comes in the shape of a monthly retainer or coaching, which gives the client someone to help them reach their goals faster.


Thank You!